Hi there, I’m Julian Wasser — a true Berliner at heart. What do I do for a living? I write. It all started at the uni. 

As a student of English Philology, I dived deep into language learning, touching upon its historical, literary, and cultural facets. Essay writing stood out as that favorite pursuit, swiftly revealing my knack for it. Motivated by this discovery, I later enrolled in courses to explore the creative dimensions of writing, supporting this expertise with a strategic marketing course. 

And so, a new chapter unfolded: my first full-time job, the beginning of my hands-on experience. I've started by conducting thorough market research and interviews. Blog section was my next stop. Ever tackled the maze of complex technical jargon? I've thrived in clarifying the most intricate subjects, making them accessible to all. Well, at least that’s what my colleagues said. 

At a product company known for delivering global document management services, I also developed content for various digital platforms, managed client feedback sessions, and worked alongside designers to create marketing materials that work. 

Now, I continue creating content for the PDF Guru blog and product pages. With a keen eye for detail, I ensure every piece of content is spot-on. The thing I enjoy the most here is our weekly knowledge-sharing meet-ups, where our team of content geeks presents insights and challenges hypotheses. Trust me, there's so much more ahead with this product for you. 

Outside of work, my passion for photography takes over. Capturing the fleeting moments and the vibrant energy of Berlin streets provides a creative outlet and a unique perspective on the world around me.

I aimed for brevity in introducing myself, but it seems I got carried away — my apologies. If you have content-related questions or cooperation ideas, let’s talk. Drop me a line here writerjulianwasser@gmail.com. 

See you? See you.